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Experimental Software Warning

Mosaic is experimental, ALPHA quality software.

Catastrophic data loss and security vulnerabilities should be expected.

Mosaic is currently in the Open Alpha Preview release stage.

Alpha releases intended for evaluation purposes only.

Recommended only for alpha testers and developers interested in distributing their applications for Mosaic.

Quick Start

Prerequisites - Docker or Docker for Desktop (Linux, macOS or Windows) - Minimum 8GB RAM - Modern AMD64 or AARCH64 processor - Familiar with command-line

Get started with a Fractal Networks hosted, custodial alpha deployment

Mosaic Introduction

Mosaic is an open source, noncustodial personal computing platform designed to make self-hosting easy and reliable. It combines an App Store with simple container orchestration, storage and connectivity solutions based on popular open source tools.

Mosaic introduces several high-level technical concepts such as the Fractal Network, RPoVPN, portable self-hosted applications, collaborative-hosting, transitive digital trust, fork-able organizations among others. See the glossary for an overview of Mosaic's technical concepts.

Mosaic enables multi-device self-hosted deployment of popular free software applications, automatic updates, backups with point-in-time recovery and a robust distributed ingress connectivity solution making it possible to self-host reliably from home, with IPv6 or from behind a firewall or CGNAT (carrier-grade NAT)

Mosaic is free designed to be simple enough that you can take it apart and figure out how it works. We call it manual-included software. We built Mosaic to bootstrap a sustainable software ecosystem and escape vendor lock-in once and for all. We eschew technological centralization and walled gardens.

Mosaic is not yet perfect, it is still very much a work-in-progress with a lot of opportunities for improving things. If you want to come on this journey with us, we hope that you will have a good experience, and we will hope that you can help us improve that experience for the others yet to come.