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Fractal Networks Mosaic

Welcome to Fractal Mosaic's documentation. Mosaic is a noncustodial, free and open source personal computing platform designed to make self-hosting accessible and survivable.

  • Security built-in

    Fractal Mosaic uses end-to-end encryption to ensure data security and secrecy.


  • Open Source, GPL

    Fractal Mosaic is licensed as GPL and is available on GitLab.


  • Connectivity

    Fractal Mosaic makes sure your applications are always reachable, no matter where you go.


  • Non-Custodial

    Fractal Mosaic is noncustodial, meaning that nobody but you owns your data.


It works by running applications using industry-standard Docker containers, with a WireGuard based end-to-end encrypted connectivity solution that gives you a unique domain (such as to make sure your applications are always reachable, and an end-to-end encrypted storage solution that continuously creates snapshots and backups of your data, allowing your applications to be restored automatically at any time and without hassle. This makes Fractal Mosaic the only ephemeral self-hosting solution: you can, at any time, wipe your hard drive and re-install Fractal Mosaic and all of your applications and data will be restored back, exactly as they were.

If you aren't familiar with the concept of self-hosting, we recommend you start here: What is Self-hosting?.


Fractal Mosaic is still under development

Please note that Fractal Mosaic is still under development, which means that not all features might be working correctly. We will do our best to point out features that are experimental. If you do encounter some issues, we would really appreciate it if you reached out to us and notified us of it so we can fix it or add a test for it.

If you haven't already, you can install it on a Linux machine using Docker (recommended route), on a Windows machine using our WSL2 installer (currently experimental) or support the development by backing our Kickstarter and purchasing a Fractal Box, which comes with the software pre-installed.

  • Docker installation

  • Windows installation

  • Box Kickstarter

Quick Start

Dive into the Mosaic Overview to learn more about how Mosaic works under the hood.

Mosaic is currently in its alpha preview release. During alpha, Mosaic's backend will be hosted by Fractal Networks. Because Mosaic employs a decentralized architecture, self-hosted services do not depend on the Mosaic backend remaining available if you deploy the selfhosted-gateway.

Mosaic's Backend will be open sourced with the release of the public beta sometime in 2023 depending on the rate of Mosaic's adoption and the strength of its community.

You can get started with Mosaic at

For Developers

Get started with deploying your own applications to Mosaic.

Mosaic provides a serverless deployment experience across a reliable on-prem mesh of devices. Publish any existing Docker Compose based applications to the Mosaic App Store to grow your user base (coming soon).