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The Fractal Mosaic App Catalog comes with a small collection of Featured Services. For now, supporting a small selection of applications means that we can focus on improving the reliability of the system.

Drop by our Matrix channel or open an issue on GitHub if you'd like us to add your favorite self-hosted applications to Mosaic!

Migrating An Existing App

Fractal Mosaic applications are simply Docker Compose files. Therefore, migrating your existing applications to take advantage of Mosaic's automated backups, secure connectivity, and rescheduling capabilities is simple if you are already familiar Docker. Visit the developer documentation for more information on how to migrate existing applications to Mosaic.

Installing Apps

When logged into the Console, Fractal Mosaic's Featured Services are presented.

Empty Console

Console Without Any Deployed Applications

If you select any one of the Featured Services and click the Deploy button, a dialog will open asking you to select a device to deploy the application on.

App Deploy Dialog

Application Deployment Dialog

Feel free to select or add any device you like. Once you have selected a device, the application will be started on your chosen device. At this point, your application is displayed inside the Console.

Fractal Cloud Device Offering

The Fractal Cloud Device is a potential offering where we will run your application in the cloud, if you want to try Mosaic without setting up your own device. These devices are not currently provided, but if you would like the ability to run one, leave a message in our Matrix channel or open an issue on GitHub.

App Deployed

Application Deployed in Console

Note that the app's health is currently red, meaning that your device has not confirmed that the app is running yet. After a few moments, your app's health should change to green, indicating that the app is now running and is accessible at the link in the card.

App Running Healthy

Running Application Healthy

Most applications will require some first time setup which varies between the applciation

Example App Requiring Initial Configuration

Example App Requiring Initial Configuration

Configuring Apps

Installed applications in the Console offer a variety of actions that can be taken:

  • Uninstall
  • Removes the application from your device. This also removes the data for the app.
  • Reschedule
  • Marks the app to be rescheduled to another device of your choosing.

App Reschedule Dialog

Console Application Reschedule Dialog